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(Not) Feeling Groovy

January 31, 2013

Hey, all you adventure seekers!

Who amongst you is feeling like dog doodoo? Bloated, still hanging on to Christmas cookies and pot roast and mashed potatoes and Aunt Tilda’s artery blocking egg nog? Me,me,me! That spare tire around my middle is not going to help me when I have a flat, so I’m getting rid of it. Now, I have made a million promises to myself, and I’ve broken a million and one, so I’m putting this up in a public forum, in case you want to join, encourage, bitch, yell, celebrate and have a big old green party with me. And the hope is, if I’m writing about it and doing it with you, I won’t bail. Got it? Are ya in?

 I’m going to follow Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet 21 day cleanse, but if you want to do something different but still participate, it’s all good, baby. If your goal is to give up cigarettes, white flour, alcohol…whatever it is you want to do, you are welcome here.  I’m not into lemon/cayenne pepper fasts, but if that’s your bag, go for it. We’re all in this together.

Here’s my plan: 

Breakfast: Green juice til lunchtime. I’ll give you some recipes as we go along. 

Lunch: 60 to 80% of your plate, raw veggies, salad, good fats. The remaining 20-40% of your plate can be healthy cooked foods…whole grains, beans, tofu, sweet potatoes, No animal products…meaning, no lunch meat, no cheese, no cow infused ranch dressing.

Snack: More juice if possible or a handful of almonds, and apple and peanut butter, rice cakes etc.

Dinner: Same ratio as lunch

Dessert: Let’s get real. I’m not going 21 days without a little sumpin’-sumpin’ so a square or two of dark chocolate is ok. No point in driving your family away because you are too crabby. (Oh wait…too late.)


SO…to recap…no coffee, no processed flours or sugars (except for the life saving chocolate if needed) and no animal products.  I’ll hopefully talk more about it as we go on but that is the short version for now. Go pick up Crazy Sexy Diet if you want to read more about it.


Let’s make FEBRUARY the new resolution month. The gyms are too crowded in January, anyway.


Who is with me?Image


Let There Be Peace on Earth

December 20, 2012

A wish for our world, in the wake of Sandy Hook, and in memory of all who have had their lives taken from them from senseless violence.

Let There Be Peace on Earth” is a song by Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller written in 1955. I learned it, as so many of us have, in my school choir. It’s simply beautiful, and the perfect sentiment for our troubled world.

September Morn

September 11, 2012

Or September Mourns…I can’t decide which.

Santa, Come Down my Chimney.

August 11, 2012

Well, here it is. The aforementioned Christmas sneak peak. It’s not the finished recording…we have added bass and drums to the track, but this will get you in a temporary Holiday mood:


The amazing Beckie Menzie is on piano.

Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone……

May 22, 2012

I have been horribly remiss at writing about how beautiful you all are because I have been dieting and writing music. No, the two are not related. But dieting makes me crabby and feel bad about myself. Well, no, the dieting in and of itself doesn’t. It’s the realization that regardless of how healthy one eats, too many calories is too many calories. You have to count to lose weight. Unless you’re a man. Then you can just THINK about dieting and you’ve lost 10 pounds.

In any case, forget about dieting and pop on over to that other blog and listen to my latest song. Come on. Make a girl eating rabbit food feel better…


May 10, 2012

Check out the new tune on my other blog. Cuz one blog ain’t enough.


The Fun House Mirror

April 3, 2012


So….yesterday, I had one of those days. You know those days. Where nothing fits, your hair is frizzy, you hate your stomach, your voice, your body, your house, your music. Where you cry at the finale of Gilmore Girls even though you’ve seen it twice before and you STILL end up bawling in the shower after it’s over because Rory is going away and someday MY kids will go away and oh my God I hate endings and how did I get old.

Yeah, one of those.

And David comes home, and I start to cry how I hate everything I’ve ever written, and my voice is awful and my thighs are huge and blah blah blah. And he looked me square in the eyes and said, “Were you looking in the fun house mirror again?”

The fun house mirror. Where everything is distorted. Where your legs are three miles long and your head is a teeny apple on top. Or you’re 500 pounds and 2 feet tall. How often do you see yourself in the fun house mirror instead of the real mirror.

Ok, let’s get this straight. There is no “REAL” mirror anyway. You know how when you go into the dressing room at Macy’s and it’s like you’ve never seen your ass before? Wait…it looks like THAT? And then you go home in a panic  and look in your own mirror and hey, it’s really not that bad. Must have been the lighting. Or vice versa. You look great in that horizontal striped tube top and you get home and look and think “Holy Crap, WHY did that look good in the dressing room?” If mirrors were consistent, why would things look so differently? Yeah, I know, it’s the lighting, the atmosphere, the extra shot of espresso that changed the way we felt in the afternoon…

Or IS it.

Do we see what we see because we CHOOSE to look at it that way?

I’m going to ask you to do a little experiment. I want you to to change your vocabulary for a day. I want you to look at those things you view as flaws…your thighs, you hair, your weight, your whatever…and instead of saying to yourself in that funhouse mirror, “Ugh, I am so fat.”, I want you to say “I am healthy. I am the perfect weight. I am beautiful.”

No, I’m serious. I mean really say it. Out loud. Ok, you don’t want to be all cheesy and look yourself in the eyes and say those things? Ok. start small. Say it to yourself. Right now. It’s ok, I’ll wait…..

I AM beautiful. I AM healthy. I AM perfect.

Doesn’t that feel better than berating yourself? Stop looking in that whacked out mirror. It distorts you. Who you are is what’s beating inside your heart. That indomitable spirit. We were created to be WHO we are, flaws and all. That we are at all is a miracle. YOU are a miracle.

Believe that.

And just so you know? Horizontal striped tube tops don’t look good on ANYONE.